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Eurospace facts & figures, 2012 edition 

Friday, July 6, 2012 4:06:00 PM

The Eurospace facts and figures report is now available. Since 1996, the facts and figures report presents the consolidated economic situation of the European manufacturing industry (final sales of space systems and related employment), identifying space systems sales of the European industry by customer and by type of system.

Again in 2012 European space industry sales were in growth, supported mainly by the stepped up investment of ESA and member states for launcher development and consolidation activities.

The Eurospace facts and figures report is available in hardcopy from Eurospace. Eurospace members and European institutional stakeholders are entitled to free copies. Contact Pierre Lionnet at Eurospace in Paris for more information.

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New Eurospace position paper on Space exploration 

Friday, June 29, 2012 2:43:00 PM

The Eurospace Exploration Working Group issued a new position paper on Space exploration which has been approved by the Eurospace council during its last meeting.

This position paper aims at presenting the views and concerns of the European Space industry on Space exploration. During the discussion, the industry representatives (Astrium, Thales Alenia Space, OHB Space systems, RUAG Space, Kayser-Threde, Snecma, MT Aerospace, Telespazio,...) agreed to focus on 3 main messages:

1- Space Exploration, a focus of European excellence, is part of human desire to explore. It drives innovation in scientific and technological fields and generates economic, political and societal benefits and returns.
2- Industry looks for a clear political support with a long-term planning and an adequate funding to:
- Increase the European non-dependency to avoid risks on schedule and funding.
Partnership is a key for Space exploration missions, thus a non-dependant Europe can develop strong and stable international collaboration.
- Improve its technical excellence and competitiveness.
3- Industry supports the on-going programs, notably ExoMars and ISS Exploitation, as well as the preparation of the next long-term exploration missions.
On-going programs are the necessary first steps. The next row of missions shall be scheduled in continuity so that they can benefit from the experience gained on the on-going ones; their preparatory phases should therefore occur in short term.
You can download the full position paper here.
You will find the other Eurospace position papers here.
Sébastien Moranta

Position paper on REACH and Hydrazine in the space sector 

Monday, June 18, 2012 6:57:00 PM

Today Eurospace has issued to ECHA and the EC its position paper on Hydrazine usage in the space sector with regard to REACH.

The position paper was prepared by an ad hoc industry Task Force with the active support and endorsement of ESA, CNES and DLR.

Based on the assessments carried out, the European space industry is of the opinion that all propellant-related use of hydrazine for space applications is exempted from REACH authorisation subject to the criteria given in the Position Paper.

Please read the position paper here.

Pierre Lionnet



Debate on Horizon 2020 and Space Research 

Thursday, June 7, 2012 11:05:00 AM

With the current 7th EU Framework programme for R&D coming to an end in 2013, the European Union is preparing for the future of EU space research. On June 5th, the S&D Group of the European Parliament organised a Conference entitled Horizon 2020 and Space Research, chaired by MEP Vittorio Prodit (chairman of the Sky & Space Intergroup) to develop awareness and understanding of the position of space within Horizon 2020.

Eurospace Secretary General, Jean-Jacques Tortora and Director of Research, Pierre Lionnet, delivered speeches about the ambitions and concerns of the space manufacturing Industry regaring EU funded space R&D.

Olivier Lemaitre

Space Trends 2012 out now! 

Friday, May 11, 2012 2:10:00 PM

Eurospace is happy to propose you a new publication called Space Trends.

"Space Trends" consists in a detailed quantitative assessment of the Space activity worldwide and aims at identifying the main features of the sector.
This report presents historical evolution of the global Space activity from different angles: launches, missions, customers, manufacturers, markets, procurement,… In each case, statistical analyses are provided, highlighting the most outstanding trends.  
Space Trends is planned to be released annually and  will naturally enrich along the years. Each edition comprises a specific “Focus of the year”. This first issue more specifically deals with the "small" spacecraft activity.
Find out more here.
Sebastien Moranta

ESA consultation on Best Practice Manual 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 4:12:00 PM

ESA has reviewed over the last year the Best Practice Manual, aiming for full coherence with the new Procurement regulations and TEB Manual, but also taking on board lessons learnt from the past.

The latest version of the document will be proposed to the final approval of the ESA Industrial Policy Committee in June.

In this perspective, ESA has invited Eurospace to set up a consultation with industry on this issue (in Paris, on 23 May) in order to get the inputs from the suppliers side.

This will be the opportunity for companies to convey their concerns and suggestions so as to improve the procurement process of the Agency.

Olivier Lemaitre

Reviewing ESA-Industry relationship - Concluding Conference in ESTEC on 29 May 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 4:04:00 PM

During 35 years of working together, ESA and industry have formed a mature relationship, but gradually this relationship has become more complex, and the world has changed. This called for an in-depth review, aimed at simplifying the mature relationship between ESA and space industry, the first steps were through a consultation process with industry.  In spring this year, this consultation has been carried out in a number of workshops at ESA facilities, jointly organised with EUROSPACE and with the involvement of SME4Space. Each workshop dealing with a number of important topics.

The outcomes of these workshops will be presented at the Concluding Conference at ESTEC in Noordwijk on 29 May. More information:

At this conference, ESA’s Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain, Directors and ESA experts will meet with Member State delegates and with space industry CEOs and managers to debate the conclusions of these workshops and find ways forward. The results of these discussions will be presented at ESA’s Ministerial Council in November this year.

Olivier Lemaitre

CleanSpace: Eco-Design and Green Technologies - June 20th-21st 

Friday, May 4, 2012 2:43:00 PM

ESA and Eurospace are jointly organising a workshop called Clean Space: Eco-Design and Green Technologies.

This 1.5 day event (June 20th-21st) will see participants and speakers from Industry, ESA, the European Commission and National Delegations. It will be held in ESTEC and the programme will soon be distributed together with the registration link.

By being a pioneer in adopting an eco-friendly approach (e.g. REACh compliance and  environmental life cycle assessment, debris mitigation) and green technologies (e.g. green materials and processes, green propellants , technology for debris mitigation), Europe can develop new processes and technologies and be well-positioned to help shape and comply with future regulations in these areas.

Mapping the road ahead saves crucial time. Enterprises that focus on meeting emerging norms gain more time to experiment with materials, technologies and processes and this yields substantial first mover advantages in terms of fostering innovation, which will enable industry to change the way they think about technologies and processes.

Alessandro Saraceni

April 20th 2012: Eurospace meets the EC Space Policy Unit 

Thursday, April 26, 2012 2:00:00 PM

On April 20th Eurospace met with representatives of the EC DG Enterprise Space Policy Unit for an informal briefing on topics of relevance for the space industry, and in particular:

  • The question of the transfer of ECSS standards to CEN
  • The upcoming industry position paper on Hydrazine usage with regard to the REACH legislation

The meeting was very constructive, and all information was passed.

On the way out of the EC Breydel building in Brussels the Eurospace team could experience a brief encounter of the third kind...

Pierre Lionnet, Claire Chaudière, Olivier Lemaître


Technology Harmonisation Mapping - Second cycle 2012 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 10:13:00 AM

On April 17th and 18th Eurospace attends the technology harmonisation Mapping meetings organised at ESTEC by ESA.

Eurospace will present industry consolidated views on the following topics:

  1. Chemical propulsion - components
  2. Aerothermodynamics tools
  3. TT&C transponders and payload data transmitters
  4. Optical communications for space

Next steps of this harmonisation round are:

  1. ESA draft roadmaps issued for industry comments on August 31st 2012.
  2. Eurospace Technology Harmonisation Panel meeting to collect/review industry views on ESA draft roadmaps on September 27th 2012.
  3. ESA-Eurospace (restricted) meeting to present industry consolidated views on Roadmaps on October 23rd 2012.

Mark your agendas.

Pierre Lionnet & Alessandro Saraceni

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