Space Exploration

Thanks to a continuous support from institutions, the European Space industry now masters many technology areas related to Space exploration. In order to constantly develop European capabilities and maintain them at the cutting edge of technology, institutions and industry are willing to work together to ensure the best distribution of the financial support.

The Exploration working group, created in early 2012, aims at gathering industry representatives to discuss and provide a clear view of their recommendations on technology development related to Space exploration and thus become the interface between institutions and industry on Exploration subjects.

The working group is currently chaired by Ms. Laura GATTI (Thales Alenia Space).

The 3 current actions of the WG are listed below:

  1. Issue a new position paper on Space Exploration : The position paper drafted by the WG will be presented on April 11th to the Eurospace Policy Committee for review and approval. It will, then, be available for download on this page.
  2. Organize the participation of the industry to the upcoming ESA-Eurospace workshop on Space Exploration Technologies to be held at ESTEC on April 13th: ESA will present their Exploration technologies roadmaps to industry representatives which will be granted the opportunity to present their comments. More info on the website of the event here.
  3. Organize a consultation of the industry on the ESA roadmaps and provide ESA with consolidated comments within end May 2012.

Working group coordinator : Jean-Charles TREUET (+33 1 44 42 00 74)

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