GMES (Earth Observation)

The European programme COPERNICUS, the second EU flagship programme in space, is politically and technically the most advanced of its type world-wide: this ambitious Earth observation programme has the potential to give Europe a leadership position in environment monitoring, crisis management and security, by setting up the required infrastructures and services to inform the European decision makers and the citizens. Indeed, Earth observation from space is offering Europe an opportunity that it cannot miss in a time when the challenges raised by global climate change are formidable, when huge amounts of money can be saved with a better management of risks and crisis and when access to environmental information is crucial for growth and competitiveness.

The Eurospace Earth Observation WG focuses on bringing together industry views and concerns about European Earth Observation programmes (in particular COPERNICUS) and convey such views and concerns to the relevant authorities in a co-ordinated and effective way. The Earth Observation WG, composed of 73 representatives from industry, is currently chaired by Claire-Anne Reix (Thales Alenia Space).

Contact: Clara Marchal (Tel.: +32 2 775 81 39).

Latest position papers:

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