Invitation to European space manufacturing SMEs to join Eurospace as associate members

Monday, February 12, 2018 5:55:00 PM

In the last decade the European space sector has significantly evolved, on the one hand with an enlargement of its geographical footprint to companies in Central and Eastern Europe, on the other hand with a constantly growing number of SMEs among its industrial players, these trends expected to continue in the years to come.

In order to let Eurospace membership evolve reflecting the evolution of the European space   sector, the Council of Eurospace has decided to launch in early 2018 a campaign aiming at offering European space manufacturing SMEs, if they are interested, an ad hoc, low burden, “associate membership”.  This does not exclude the opportunity for individual SMEs to apply for full active membership.

What value added for a SME?

A SME becoming associate member would benefit of the following:

  • Be better known to its potential industrial customers, being better mapped in terms of competences and capabilities;

  • Possibility of accessing remotely to Eurospace documentation and activities by means of digital tools;

  • Right to appoint at Eurospace Council* – within the community of Eurospace associate members – two representatives of the interests of such community: one seat would be assigned to the community of SMEs in countries not in Eurospace footprint (essentially from Eastern and Central Europe), the other one would be assigned to the community of countries in Eurospace footprint;

  • SME-friendly membership fee policy: in order to ease a large adhesion of SMEs, and let them assess the benefits of their associate membership without financial engagements, SMEs are planned to be invited to become associate members at no fee for a trial period of at least one year, expected thereafter to be further extended or be followed by the application, at most, of a very low ad hoc fee.

Consultation of SMEs and plans

This paper is for publication on Eurospace web site and for parallel despatch on individual basis by email to identified European space manufacturing SMEs.

SMEs are invited to reply to Eurospace expressing their interest on this invitation and/or questions/suggestions writing to: or

Should there be a positive response from the SME community, in order to ease the gathering of the representatives of associate members and let them discuss their common objectives and choose their Council representatives, it would be convenient to select a window in the margin of an already established 2018 event, where a large participation of European space manufacturing SMEs is expected. Such opportunity – in agreement with ESA - has been tentatively identified for the evening of next September 11th, in the margin of ESA-arranged Industry Space Days (ISD), planned to take place at ESTEC on September 11th and 12th.


*Subject to positive feedback from the SME community, this provision would be reflected in a revision of Eurospace Statutes, which would be submitted for adoption to next General Assembly in June 2018.


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