Liaison and information

          Eurospace maintains official and informal contacts with ESA, national agencies and EU bodies.

Since its creation, ESA has maintained formal links with Eurospace. The association is used as an effective entry point into the industrial sector and is the preferred vector of dialogue for industry- wide issues. A frame contract between ESA and Eurospace was signed in 1987, which allows the association to perform advisory work for the Agency. In 2001 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed that officially recognises Eurospace as the representative body of the European space industry. The MoU covers all issues related to new programmes, competitiveness, research & technology, and administration.

NEW (March 2012) - ESA and Eurospace renewed their Memorandum of Agreement, download a copy here.

With 40 years of presence on the space policy arena, Eurospace has a well established network of contacts with the main European institutions dealing with Space issues (ESA, EC, EDA, etc.) and with the relevant national agencies (CNES, DLR, BNSC, ASI).

As far as the European Union is concerned, Eurospace develops and maintains close and regular contacts with all the actors involved in the European Space policy and the EU space programmes (Space policy Unit, Space R&D Unit and GMES Bureau), as well as with Members of the European Parliament and their assistants, EDA, ESA office in Brussels, Permanent representations of Member States, General Secretariat of the Council of the EU, representatives of other institutions and associations active in the space sector (Eumetrep, ESOA, EARSC, Nereus…) and representatives of Eurospace members to the EU institutions.

These contacts allow Eurospace to deliver Industry messages through multiple channels and to be  aware well in advance of new events and information of interest for members.


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