Navigation (Galileo)

Satellite navigation has become essential in day to day life and socio-economic prosperity. Today satellite navigation already builds the backbone of growing multi-billion-euro markets. Led by the European Union, managed by the European Commission and implemented by the European Space Agency (ESA) Galileo and EGNOS will bring a new generation of global position and timing-based services for the benefit of road, maritime, rail and air transport, agriculture, telecommunications, fisheries etc. Galileo will shortly realize Europe‚Äôs technological independence on positioning, navigation and timing products and services, already being at the origin of thousands of highly skilled jobs in Europe.

The Eurospace Navigation WG aims at bringing together industry views and concerns about the Galileo initiative and convey such views and concerns to the relevant authorities (EC, ESA, Member States) in a coordinated and effective way. The Navigation WG is composed of 68 representatives from industry and is now chaired by Viviana Artibani from Thales Alenia Space.

Contact: Clara Marchal (+32 2 775 81 39)

Latest position papers:


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