Monday, January 30, 2017 5:20:00 PM

The European Space Industry is strongly affected by the requirements of the EU Chemicals Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 “REACH”. Notably the authorisation process and timelines - aiming at the soonest substitution of the most hazardous chemicals still required today - poses significant challenges for a high-end niche sector such as space. The ongoing European Commission REACH “REFIT”* review 2017 presents a suitable opportunity to highlight space sector concerns and recommend regulatory improvements. 

To this end ASD-Eurospace – together with its members and in close co-ordination with the ASD REACH Implementation Working Group – has prepared a “REACH REFIT 2017 Position Paper”; with the support of the European and national space agencies and the consultancy REACHLaw Ltd. The paper, which was submitted to the European Commission on 27 January 2017, presents the following key recommendations:

  • Consider extended timelines in the REACH authorisation process to enable innovative substitution
  • Promote EU level funding for REACH-related substitution R&D
  • Adopt a more harmonised and forward-looking Risk Management Option Analysis approach
  • Enhance regulatory predictability for critical substances still in use and their possible replacements
  • Streamline and simplify authorisation for SMEs and uses with large socio-economic benefits
  • Define workable approach for the reporting of substances in complex articles (REACH Article 33)
  • Generally take into account the specific issues of high-end niche sectors in REACH implementation

The Position Paper can be downloaded here.

P. Lionnet


*Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme of the EC, covering five compulsory evaluation criteria: Effectiveness, Efficiency, Relevance, Coherence and EU Added Value, including examining the potential to improve the way in which REACH delivers on its objectives and the potential for burden reduction and simplification.

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