Research & Technology

The Space Research & Technology Committee (SRTC) exists to enable the European space industry to devise a common strategy for space research and technology, and promote it through all relevant means and channels towards the relevant European instances; and in particular:

  • the European Space Agency and its relevant bodies (such as the TECNET, D-TEC, the THAG etc.),
  • the European Union, and its relevant bodies (such as the EC DG Research and DG Enterprise, the European Parliament, the Space Council etc.),
  • the European Defence Agency, and any other relevant organisation.

To fully perform its mission the SRTC is able to:

  • provide industry experts inputs at technology level and support technology roadmapping (identify critical technologies, maintain list of priority actions etc...)
  • influence European technology policies and programmes (ESA Technology programmes, European Union procurement rules for R&T, Framework programme contents, etc.).  

To fullfil its missions the SRTC is organised with two branches :

  • a Technology Harmonisation Panel (THP) and
  • a Technology Policy Working Group (TPWG).

The two branches or subgroups have their own mandate, membership and chair.

The SRTC supports in full the following processes:

  • ESA Technology harmonisation (10-12 technology roadmaps/year)
  • ESA Space technology requirements Database (ESTER): The SRTC organises the annual European industry contribution to ESTER. It is the sole external contributor to the ESA requirements database.
  • European Space technology Platform Strategic Research Agenda.
  • Eurospace Space R&T priorities (see latest issue here)
  • Eurospace R&T position papers

The SRTC is co-chaired by Yves DURAND (Thales Alenia Space) and Serge FLAMENBAUM (Astrium).

It is managed by Pierre LIONNET with the support of Jean-Charles TREUET.

The Terms of Reference of Eurospace SRTC are available here.


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