Security & Defence

A lot has changed during the last years. European soldiers, police forces, doctors and other civil help organisations have become increasingly involved in humanitarian and rescue tasks and in performing peacekeeping and peacemaking activities. Europe has seen vividly the threats posed by terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, regional conflicts, state failure and organised crime.

Space systems are the backbone of any efficient Defence and Security structure capable to face those new threats. This situation has been clearly assessed by the European Parliament and by the Council of the EU. This is why the European Space Industry has to present its vision on how to answer to the required capabilities.

The Eurospace S&D WG, composed of 75 representatives, from industry aims at bringing together industry views and concerns about the Security and Defence programmes in general. The S&D Working Group was created in 2001 and is currently chaired by General Bernard Molard (EADS Space).

Contact: Clara Marchal (+32 2 775 81 39)

Latest position papers:


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