Technology Policy

The Technology Policy WG (TPWG) coordinates the elaboration of Eurospace common positions in all areas of technology policy and programmes at European level.

Its mandate covers, in particular, the following areas

  • ESA technology programmes (GSTP, TRP, etc.)
  • ESA Product policy (and other relevant actions)
  • EU/EC actions (such as technology funding, FP rules and procedures, preparation and contents)
  • European Space Technology Platform
  • ASD RTC actions (Commissioner briefings, Position Papers, FP feedback, cross sectoral technologies etc.)
  • European space technology programmes
  • Eurospace RT Position papers

The TPWG is co-chaired by Yves DURAND (Thales Alenia Space) and Viktor FAGERLIND (RUAG).

It is managed by Pierre LIONNET (Eurospace).

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