The European space telecommunications manufacturing industry is a sector mostly acting on the worldwide commercial scene. Its sustainability is increasingly put at risk by non-European competitors, benefiting from a significant Public support. The situation is totally unbalanced for the European industry which future is at stake. The sector has thus identified institutional supportive actions, which will help it to remain in the race.

The Eurospace Telecommunications Working Group (TelecomWG) is meant to enable the European space manufacturing industry – hereafter referred to as “industry” – to share information, devise common messages and to promote them through all relevant means and channels towards the European instances; and in particular:

  • The European Space Agency,
  • The European Union and its relevant bodies such as EC (DG Research, DG Entreprise and DG Connect...), the European Parliament, the relevant bodies of the Council etc. 
  • The European Defence Agency,
  • The European regions,
  • And any other relevant organisation dealing with space telecommunications.

It focuses on European policy makers with the views of:

  • Promoting the technical capabilities and economic characteristics of space infrastructures for telecommunications (growth and jobs), 
  • Raising awareness regarding the importance of the satcom manufacturing sector as far as space industrial policy and European industry base is concerned
  • Highlighting the political, technological, social, economic, regulatory aspects of the sector.
  • Improving their technical understanding of the broadband technologies,
  • Developing, and communicating, a unified vision across the European Union regarding the specificities and added value of space in the frame of existing or future telecommunications policies, regulations and programmes.

Contact: Clara Marchal (+32 2 775 81 39)

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