Since 1995 ESA has been reimbursing, through Eurospace, travel and subsistence costs incurred by the representatives of European industry having participated in ECSS working group meetings (ESTEC Contract No 23033/09/NL/PA). Since beginning of 2005 reimbursements have been organised by quarter.

The schedule for sending claims to Eurospace is as follows:

1st quarter: claims have to be received before 30th April
2nd quarter: claims have to be received before 31st July
3rd quarter: claims have to be received before 31st October
4th quarter: claims have to be received before 15th December (claims received after that date will be processed under Y+1 Q1)

Late claims will not be processed by Eurospace.

Please read carrefully the ECSS Reimbursement Procedure here (revision April 2009).

1/ request the excel version of the 2018 Form at the following address:

2/ convert the  excel document into pdf, SIGN IT

3/ send the TWO documents to the below address

We kindly inform you that your reimbursement claim(s) will be taken into account only if sent in both formats

EUROSPACE, Attn. Ms. Nathalie ALECTON, 15-17 avenue de S├ęgur, F-75007 PARIS.

Please ensure that a receipt acknowledgement is sent to you by return.

Do not send us an invoice immediately. For each quarter, we will sum up your claims, check that they are accepted and then ask your company for a formal invoice covering all quarterly accepted claims by ESA. The reimbursements will be made in Euro by bank transfer to your company's account (in accordance with the money transferred from ESA to Eurospace).


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