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European Parliament’s Sky & Space Intergroup: Intervention of SG O.Lemaitre on STM

The European Parliament’s Sky & Space Intergroup (SSI), chaired by MEP Marian-Jean Marinescu, organised today an insightful exchange on the future opportunities and challenges of a European approach to Space Traffic Management (STM). Gathering speakers from the European Commission DG DEFIS, ArianeGroup/SPACEWAYS H2020, GMV/EUSTM and ASD-Eurospace, it was concluded that EU action is justified, and even urgently needed, in order to safeguard the […]

Press: “Industrial partnership on space is grounded – and the industry wants to know why”

Eurospace’s technology strategy manager Jérémy Hallakoun discusses the many uncertainties around the proposed public-private research partnership (i.e. Co-programmed European Partnership for Global Competitive Space Systems) between the European Commission and the EU’s space industry. Read the full article on the Science|Business website by following this link: https://sciencebusiness.net/news/industrial-partnership-space-grounded-and-industry-wants-know-why Have a good read !

Eurospace Position Paper: “Space Traffic Management (STM): An opportunity to seize for the European space sector”

Eurospace is pleased to share with you the Industry’s “Manifesto for a European Global Answer on STM”, available here. In a rapidly evolving global context for space activities in which the European Space sector’s ability to compete on a level-playing field, its sustainability and the European sovereignty are at stake, the European Space Industry is […]