Industry Position Papers

Industry organises its work on policy and technical matters within thematic Working Groups, Task Forces & Panels. Official industry positions prepared by Eurospace are available here.

Towards an ambitious ESA ministerial Council 2019

Eurospace high level guidelines for Space in Horizon Europe

  • Position paper (2019 – here

Aggregation of European institutional launch servicelevels

  • Position Paper (2018) – here

Copernicus after 2020: a perspective of the European space industry

  • “Copernicus manifesto”, focusing on the achievements of & high-level perspectives for the programme

Copernicus Manifesto_Eurospace

  • A summary of Eurospace ambitions for the Copernicus programme after 2020

Reaping the full benefits of Copernicus after 2020 – the ambitions of the European space industry

Preparation of EU FP9 programme

Public private interactions

Economic diplomacy

A Space Strategy for Europe