The “Copernicus Next Generation” Task Force is established in view of consolidating a sector-wide support and providing Industry consensual recommendations and perspective, including about governance and business models, for the future of the European Union’s Earth Observation (EO) programme Copernicus, in a context
where both the EU political ambitions and the global EO market are evolving.

The Task Force will investigate and propose a rationale and an outlook for the next generation of Copernicus, allowing Europe, its citizens and industry to rely on resilient and efficient EO public services, at the service of the EU priorities in Green and Digital and, supporting its sovereignty and global influence, while contributing to the competitiveness of its space sector.

In particular, the perspective that will be proposed by Industry will include recommendations regarding the role of the private sector in the development and implementation of the programme, in particular how this could improve the European EO infrastructure, data and service landscape; the proposal from Industry will also include recommendations regarding the security of the system, from the infrastructure to the data.

The current TF leader is Shahrzad Larger (Thales Alenia Space).

TF Position papers:

  • Copernicus: how to further enhance the impact of a world-class programme (2022) – here