Consultancy services

Eurospace has a wide experience in strategic analysis in both Europe and foreign countries. Our studies and reports are used for decision-making of major companies and institutions.

Thanks to our position at the very heart of the European Space sector, we developed a wide and recognized expertise on all aspects of the Space area. Our competence covers market assessment and trends, Space policy, technology and industrial strategy.

We propose analyses on demand based on our accurate and unique analysis tools and expertise.


1 – Economic information on European industry

Eurospace publishes, since 1996, the sole comprehensive annual review of the state of the space industry in Europe :

  • Industrial statistics collected at the source.
  • Annual survey, 200 space units surveyed in Europe.
  • Proven consolidation methodology
  • Full chronological consistency and comprehensive series
  • Unique economic indicators

More information here.

2 – Global launch activity

Eurospace launch events database (LEAT for Launch Event Analysis Tool) is intended to provide synthetic and aggregated views on launch events. The database aims at providing high level information in order to support macro level analysis of the global space activity.

This unique tool enables us to clearly identify past and current trends and thus foresee strengths and weaknesses of a specific sector.

The LEAT database is the main information source to produce the Space Trends report.

3 – Space policy

As the Trade Association of the European manufacturing Space Industry, Eurospace interfaces at various levels with the key European institutions dealing with Space: European Space Agency, European Commission, European Defence Agency, …. It is a key contributor to the reflections of these public bodies regarding the evolution of the European Space Policy and provides to them the industry inputs they need.

Eurospace reports to its members through its various Working Groups on the evolution of policies, legislation or regulations having a potential impact on their activities.

It distributes and promotes toward the European institutions all the Position Papers elaborated by the various Working Groups of the Association: GMES, Navigation, Research & Technology, Security & Defence, Exploration, …

4 – Technology and Industrial mapping

Eurospace is the focal point for European space industry information on technology strategy and capabilities.

Thanks to the work performed by the Eurospace Technology Harmonisation Panel and Technology Policy Working Group, united in the Space Research and Technology Committee of Eurospace, the Association maintains an open channel of communication and information with industry and research labs involved in the development of space technology in Europe.

Eurospace is the focal point and spokespersons of industry in the ESA coordinated Technology Harmonisation Process, where ESA, National agencies and industry stakeholders establish together the technology development roadmaps for European space programmes. In addition, the Harmonisation process allows Eurospace to trace and categorise industry capabilities in the various technology domains associated to space, resulting in in-depth knowledge of the European space industrial capabilities landscape.

The Space Research and Technology Committee maintains the database of space R&T priorities with annual updates.