Eurospace is the space industry standardisation body.

Eurospace standardisation activities are currently organised within the Standardisation Working Group (STWG). This Group organises industry positions required at all levels of the standards generation processes (including ECSS, CEN, ISO, and all relevant bodies)

Coordinator : Valentin Marie (
Travel Costs Reimbursement : Nathalie Alecton (Tel.: +33 1 44 42 00 70)

The Eurospace STWG aims at bringing together industry views and concerns about the standardisation processes and to reach consensual industry positions that are conveyed by our representatives in the ESA standardisation bodies. Eurospace is, here again, recognised as the exclusive industrial interlocutor of the European and National Space Agencies. The STWG is currently chaired by Gianni Crivellari (Thales Alenia Space). The STWG nominates industry representatives to ECSS bodies.

For full details please see the following documents:
STWG Organisation
STWG Terms of Reference

RCI Charts:

STWG members created and approved a document to understand the different roles STWG members have in the different STWG process. This document was made following the philosophy of the responsibility assignment matrix (RCI charts) to describe each process. The document is made public in the following link, to allow a better understanding of the STWG processes.

Version 6 Approved in November 2019: RCI Charts-Issue_6

ECSS Reimbursement Procedure through Eurospace

Since 1995, ESA has been reimbursing, through Eurospace, travel and subsistence costs incurred by the representatives of European industry having participated in ECSS working group meetings (ESTEC Contract No 4000111716).

Since April 2019, reimbursements are organised into 3 periods.

Period 1:      December 1st of year N-1 till March 31st of year N, the claims have to be received before April 30th

Period 2:      April 1st till July 31st of year N, the claims have to be received before August 31st

Period 3:      August 1st till November 31st of year N, claims have to be received before December 2

Late claims will not be processed by Eurospace.

Please read carrefully the ECSS Reimbursement Procedure (revision April 2019) and check the ECSS FAQ

Contact us in order to get the ECSS reimbursement excel form and send it to:

EUROSPACE, Attn. Ms. Nathalie ALECTON, 22 Rue du Quatre Septembre, F-75002 PARIS.