Announcement: Open Research Development and Innovation Network

Eurospace is happy to invite all representatives of the European supply chain to join the Open Research Development and Innovation Network: ORDIN.

ORDIN process chart

ORDIN Process Chart

By joining ORDIN the European space supply chain will be able to enhance its capacity to collectively identify key trends in space technology development and innovation with a view to supporting the ESA and EU space development strategies.

ORDIN will be presented in detail at the free European Space Forum online event on November 8th 2021 at 14h50 (CET). Registration is required to attend.

ORDIN is open to ALL the European supply chain (RTOs, SMEs, newspace / emerging players, midcaps and large groups, primes and equipment suppliers, labs and research entities). Whether or not they are Eurospace members provided that they are entities established in an ESA and/or EU Member State, active in the design, development and manufacturing of space systems and potentially eligible for ESA and or EU funding.

The process is supported by a workshop-based approach to collect information on stakeholders, state-of-the-art, technology trends, requirements, challenges and drivers. Workshops are open, free, and voluntary. They are restricted to the supply chain (no involvement of institutions and agencies)

The first ORDIN Workshops are planned for November 25th and 26th. The pilot topics will address:

  • Optical Technologies on November 25th full day
    • Optical Detectors
    • LIDAR
    • Optical Communication from Space
    • Photonics
  • Printed Circuit Boards on November 26th morning
  • Antenna technologies on November 26th afternoon
    • Array antennas
    • Reflector antennas
    • Metamaterials & metasurfaces
ORDIN Pilot phase workshops Q4 2021

ORDIN Pilot phase workshops Q4 2021

Users and promoters of these technologies and products are welcome to participate to the Workshop to cover the full vision from both suppliers and integrators.

If you are an eligible entity, with vested interests, products and capabilities in the areas addressed by the workshops: You are invited to join.

Please save the dates and contact for registering.

Download: ORDIN Principles and ToR.