European Space Industry declaration following the “Space Council” of May 23rd 2024

On May 23rd in Brussels, the Council of the EU (in its “Competitiveness” configuration) met with the Council of ESA at ministerial level, in the frame of the “Space Council”. Such joint and concomitant meetings are based on the 2004 Framework Agreement between the EU and ESA and aim, among other, at providing high-level orientations for an “efficient and mutually beneficial cooperation” with regard to space activities.

At the occasion of this meeting, the Councils of both institutions have endorsed a joint document calling for “Strengthening Europe’s competitiveness through space” (here).

For 20 years now, the Councils of the EU and of ESA are annually calling for an ESA-EU partnership to be ever more “reinforced”. The European space industry considers it is now vital that such a reinforcement must take place with one urgent objective: to devise and implement a coherent Industrial Strategy for Space at European level.

In this context, Eurospace is happy to share with you the EUROPEAN SPACE INDUSTRY DECLARATION and the COVER LETTER signed by J.-M. Nasr, President of Eurospace.