Eurospace Facts and Figures 2022 annual release

Eurospace is proud to announce the release of the 26th edition of its annual report on the state of the European space manufacturing industry in 2021. The updated report is made available to selected institutional contacts and to the companies that participate in the survey. Please contact us if you want to know whether you are eligible for a free PDF copy.

Press release summarising the key findings of the report is available for download Press Release F&F 2022 FINAL RELEASE.

Without the unfailing commitment of the key players in the sector to support the survey we would not be able to achieve such high levels of confidence; our warm thanks to all participants for their dedication and trust.

I hope that our readers, in the private and institutional sector, will make the best use of the body of information that Eurospace provides to the community. Our goal is to support transparent and stable market metrics and analytics, enabling well-informed policy making and good sector benchmarking at international and European levels.

Do not hesitate to check our page dedicated to Eurospace facts and figures HERE for all useful information related to the report.