Eurospace facts & figures – Official data release

Eurospace is proud to announce the imminent release of  the 22nd edition of its annual Facts & Figures report. The 2018 survey yielded a good coverage of sector activity, with the participation of all key players in the space manufacturing sector in Europe.

Key Facts in 2017

Final sales worth 8.76 B€ (+6,2%)Direct industry employment 42 664FTE (+3,2%). Women represent about 21% of space industry employees, with similar levels of responsibility and qualification as male employees.

The European space sector is facing an unprecedented long series of growing sales. Growth of sales to European customers was very important (+703 M€) compensating largely the decrease in exports (-188 M€).

  • Growth on European market segments was supported mainly by increased commercial sales, including European private operators (+339 M€) and operational launcher systems (+107 M€).
  • Military customers also represented a segment in growth (+197 M€)
  • Sales to ESA remained globally stable, with a notable reduction of launcher development sales, compensated by growth in satellite applications (mostly Earth Observation and Navigation).
  • On export markets, the main segment in decrease was the segment of private satellite operators (-241 M€).

You can download the Press Release and its annex.

Last year’s report (with data 2016) is available for free download here. This year’s report is distributed to all survey participants and to selected institutions in Europe.

Please contact Pierre Lionnet for more information.