Eurospace Reaction Paper “EU Space Strategy for Security & Defence”



On March 10th, the European Commission (EC) and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy published the Joint Communication “EU Space strategy for Security & Defence”

Only two months after its publication, the European space industry, represented trough Eurospace, is pleased to share its official reaction to the Strategy, here.

The publication of this Strategy is a major and positive event for the sector, which will be key in making Europe a real (unified) space power. In a tense geopolitical context symbolised by the war in Ukraine, further confirmation that the EU institutions do consider space as a key element of sovereignty is essential to accelerate the path towards strengthening and reinforcing the security and defence dimension of space. True game changer, the Strategy will fully assert European’s responsibility and commitment to world peace and security, by strengthening its freedom of action in space while relying on its sovereign capability and assets, one of the most direct and critical tools at its disposal to exert action and influence.

The European space industry, represented through Eurospace, is fully mobilised to support the initiative with its long-standing expertise in the provision of infrastructures and services of “dual use” nature.