Information on Eurospace communication campaign

Very important decisions on European public investment in support of development and applications of space technology and services are going to be taken in 2018 and 2019.
Eurospace, the European space industry association, has taken the initiative of a communication campaign to highlight the value brought by space to everyday life and gain larger public acceptance, starting with young people and raising it towards the rest of society, from media to decision-makers, stimulating as well legitimate pride for European achievements in this domain.
While highlighting the enabling role of space in support of connectivity, climate change and environmental monitoring, disaster management, navigation, security, and its multiplier effect on high-qualified jobs, wealth and well-being creation, the campaign aims creatively at highlighting how users, and in particular individual users, are placed at the centre and, consequently, we all can be protagonists, and actors in/of the “space change”. This is at the root of the “EuroSpaceChanger” choice!

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