Join European Space Talks. Share your passion for space!

For its second edition, European Space Talks invites space enthusiasts to share their stories and passion for space, and promote it with the general public, to raise awareness about how space is valuable for our citizens.

Everyone active in the space sector is invited to join this campaign. All ESA industrial partners and colleagues are invited to host a talk, and spread the word about those that take place across Europe.

More than 25, 000 people in 26 countries took part in a Space Talk in 2018, and we are hoping for even more successful results this year.

With a lunar theme reflecting 50 years since the Moon landing, there’s no shortage of inspiring material to choose from. 2019 is not only the year we celebrate the first Moon landing and remember past achievements, it is also a year to think about our future and prepare to accomplish new missions.

This year’s ESA ministerial meeting (Space19+) will be an opportunity to direct Europe’s ‘next generation’ ambitions in space, and address the challenges facing not only the European space sector but also European society as a whole.