Key suppliers of energetic materials for space applications join dedicated regulatory working group

Eurospace is pleased to announce that a number of key suppliers of energetic materials and related components for space applications have now joined the Energetic Materials Working Group (EMWG) of industry and agencies.

At the third EMWG meeting on 12 February 2021 four new companies were introduced to the group:

  • Global chemicals company Evonik, the lead registrant for hydrogen peroxide (CAS No. 7722-84-1) under EU REACH. The substance is also used as a propellant for space applications.
  • JAKUSZ SpaceTech from Poland, a producer of HTP – 98% hydrogen peroxide and also active in the field of other ecological rocket propulsion.
  • Nammo, an international company headquartered in Norway, which is NATO’s largest independent provider of specialty ammunition and rocket motors; including solid rocket propellants, but also hybrid and monopropellants for space applications.
  • Pyroalliance, a subsidiary of ArianeGroup, which is active in pyrotechnics for space and defence.

On 18 February 2021 the French aerospace company Dassault Aviation also joined the EMWG. Dassault Aviation is a major provider of pyro devices using energetic materials (powders or explosives) for European launchers as ESI (European Standard Initiator) or hermetic pyrolines.

Together with the new members, 17 organisations are now participating in the EMWG. The EMWG is an initiative of the Materials and Processes Technology Board of the European Space Components Coordination (ESCC MPTB), a partnership between the European Space Agency (ESA), national space agencies, and space industry represented by ASD-Eurospace. Created in July 2020, it aims to set up a long-term regulatory monitoring and response frame and take the required actions to determine and mitigate possible regulatory obsolescence risks – mainly but not limited to the EU REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 – for space propellants and explosives (i.e. Energetic Materials).

The list of energetic materials currently being monitored comprises more than 50 entries. By example, the table below provides a non-exhaustive list of explosive and propellant substances in use.

Substance name CAS No. EC No.
Ammonium Perchlorate 7790-98-9 232-235-1
Dinitrogen Tetroxide ”NTO” 10544-72-6 234-126-4
Hexogen ”RDX” (Perhydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine) 121-82-4 204-500-1
Hydrazine 302-01-2 206-114-9
Hydrogen Peroxide @ 85% ”H2O2” 7722-84-1 231-765-0
Lead azide 13424-46-9 236-542-1
Monomethyl Hydrazine ”MMH” 60-34-4 200-471-4
Unsymmetrical DimethylHydrazine ”UDMH” 57-14-7 200-316-0

Other ingredients used in energetic materials (such as diisocyanates) and propellants under research are also within the scope of EMWG activities.

Membership with the EMWG for interested companies remains open. Please contact the Secretariat at Eurospace.

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