Reaction of Eurospace about the Joint Communication “An EU approach for STM”

On February 15th 2022, the European Commission and Josep Borell, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy issued the Joint Communication “An EU approach for STM”, responding to European strategic needs, already raised in the Eurospace March 2021 Position Paper “Space Traffic Management (STM): An opportunity to seize for the European space sector”.

The imperative to act towards an EU approach on STM as well as the measures to support such ambition are in line with the European space industry’s expectations. A unified and comprehensive Europe, able to speak internationally with a single voice on STM, is key to support the European space ecosystem and protect its strategic interests and competitiveness.

In this regard, and given the urgency needed to tackle such a compelling problem, Eurospace humbly proposes solutions that will enable the EU approach on STM to quickly reach its full potential for the benefit of the entire European space sector.

The European space manufacturing space industry, represented by Eurospace, is fully committed to support European institutions achieve the objectives laid out by the Joint Communication and looks forward to the possibility to elaborate on these solutions in the frame of the announced fora and consultation mechanisms.

Please find here our official reaction.