Updated Best-Practice Guidance for the European Space sector to comply with SCIP notification

As from 5 January 2021 any EU supplier of an article containing REACH Candidate List substances above 0.1% w/w has to provide the information pursuant to REACH Article 33(1) to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). This requirement stems from Article 9(1)(i) of the revised Waste Framework Directive (WFD) 2008/98/EC in association with EU national provisions transposing it. According to WFD Article 9(2) ECHA has established a ‘SCIP’ database for the data to be submitted to it by 5 January 2020, and has to provide access to that database to waste treatment operators.

In anticipation of this requirement – and given the special case of Space Products which do not result in waste on the EU territory – ASD-EUROSPACE released an initial Best-Practice Guidance for the European Space Sector to comply with SCIP notification on 1 October 2020. At the end of October 2020 ECHA has published the final functionalities and requirements for SCIP notifications; furthermore the national transposition of WFD Art. 9(1)(i) has progressed.

To take into account these latest developments, ASD-EUROSPACE herewith releases an updated version 1.1 of the Best-Practice Guidance, available HERE. The update, just like the initial version, has been prepared in the frame of the WFD Space Task Force, which comprises key participants from space industry and agencies.

It should be highlighted that the update has not led to material changes of the recommendations in the Best-Practice Guidance. It is also recalled that the Guidance contributes specifically for the Space Sector to the efforts of the regulators – foremost the ECHA as recipient of SCIP notifications and host of the SCIP database – to avoid unnecessary notifications and to reduce the data volumes to be collected, stored and processed to an appropriate and manageable level.


  • Secretariat: Pierre Lionnet, Research and Managing Director, ASD-EUROSPACE, pierre.lionnet@eurospace.org, +33-(0)1 44 42 00 70
  • Key Expert: Tim Becker, Senior Legal Advisor, REACHLaw Ltd., tim.becker@reachlaw.fi; +358 (0)40 773 8143